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Our Story

Our Founder, Bree Kahmann was like any other woman with a love of beauty products from a young age. A successful career as a hairdresser and salon owner saw her working with many of the best industry professionals and the opportunity to work at Sydney Fashion Week.

Ten years into her career she started to notice multiple health concerns but it wasn't until much later she was to realise that the toxic ingredients in the products she loved and recommended would be a major factor into her becoming sick but also the solution into how she would be able to feel better. 

"I loved and recommended both hair and beauty products to women without understanding the long term health effects that the ingredients could have."

In January of 2016 after 6 months of life-altering sickness that had left her bed bound and in extreme pain she was eventually diagnosed with ME/CFS and multiple chemicals sensitives.

"A massive part of my recovery as suggested by a fantastic CFS specialist was to detox my home and body as my symptoms suggested toxicity. When I started to read the backs of my hair and beauty products I was in shock to discover that even some of the most natural brands still contained toxic ingredients." 

The average woman uses 9 beauty products a day exposing her to an average of 168 chemicals with many of them known to be carcinogenic (cancer causing).

With this new found knowledge her personal mission began by detoxing her home environment of ingredients that were known to cause toxicity in the body. Along with this included learning about ingredients found in hair and beauty products.

"I wholeheartedly believe my love of hair and beauty products contributed to the rapid decline in my health. I may have been at a high exposure because of the industry I was in but what we have to realise is women are exposing themselves to these chemicals daily for their entire life and that is just as dangerous!"

As her love for natural and alternative therapies grew so did her passion for wanting to create a brand that women could use to learn to embrace their inner and outer beauty.

This lead to the creation of her first product the "Goddess Wellness Soak"

"I wanted to create a product that made women feel like a goddess when they were feeling anything but. At my lowest point, learning to cope with a chronic illness left me physically, mentally and spiritually broken. My salt baths have saved me so many times that I needed to share them with others that were either in the same position or just felt like they needed some effective self-care."

Our "Goddess Wellness Soak" combines ancient remedies that have been carefully selected to gently detox and support the body at a cellular level. 

Indie Rose Botanicals may have started in her home by combining what she had learnt to safely and gently support her body using detoxification baths but in the process, she found her inner goddess and we can't wait to help you find yours.