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If you are new to chakras click on the link below to take you to our quiz to see whether you are out of alignment and how you can work on getting your chakra system back into balance.


I am passionate about helping women to learn how to work with their own energy to create a life they love. 

When we continue to say "YES" to everyone else we leave no room to fill our own cup and this leads to a drain in our own energy and our chakras become blocked. 

The common seven chakras are a great way to understand the interconnection between your physical and spiritual body.

I have seen not only in myself but in others the power of unblocking these chakras so the energy can flow freely and common physical ailments start to dissolve away.

Over the coming weeks, I will explain more about simple at-home techniques you can do to identify these blocks.

To get started take the quiz as a first step and let's see where you are blocked. 



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