Buckle up Goddess because we are headed for one hell of a bumpy ride.

October 23rd marks the start of Scorpio Season right through to November 21st and this sign is here to nip you in the bud.

Combine that with this years final mercury retrograde approaching on the 31st of October that coincides with the thin spiritual veil of Halloween, us energetically sensitive souls are going to feel its power. Be prepared for more tricks than treats. 

If you are not familiar with the 12 astrological seasons, Scorpio season is just one of the 12 seasons that happen each year. Each season has a different impact on your zodiac sign and lines up with a particular time of year.

If you are thinking "but I'm, not a Scorpio" Sorry Goddess, it doesn't work that way. Would be nice if it did though.

We will energetically feel Scorpios power for a full month, some more than others.

If you have felt the shift of restless sleep, creative juices flowing, sexual desire, craving intimacy, or intense thoughts she is working her way into your life. 

Scorpio is known for her passion, intensity and although tough on the surface she is not afraid you use her stinger. 

Her energy will be strong and unavoidable.

If you can learn to embrace her energy she will show you unconditional love through this transition and lead you to a place where you can indulge in your desires and create magic. 

When it comes to working with this kind of energetic power you need to remember that "What we resist, Persists."

Your thoughts will be intense and fueled with passion and it is predicted by many psychic mediums that a dose of paranoia will accompany the 2019 Scorpio Season. I told you it will be bumpy. 

The only way to navigate through the next month is to be aware that she is bringing things to the surface to create change in your life. You are the creator of your life.

The Scorpio Goddess is asking you to embrace the intensity, feel, release, and let go. The is no light without the darkness. 

If you are having trouble with energetic changes to transmute this energy I advise getting out your crystals, use our energy cleansing kit, take one of our detox baths, meditate, clear your thoughts, journal your experiences and remember to work with her and not against her. 




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  • Gemma

    Omg!! This really spoke to me on so many levels, so close I fact that it was a little scary! Have to make sure I bring my crystals with me everywhere I go this month!

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