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Did you know that magnesium has an impact on how your body feels during your cycle?

Magnesium is natural medicine for your hormones.

It is a foundational support to all hormone functions in the body – without it, you will not produce hormones at levels you need, and ovulation can become irregular.

Lots of the things many of us do every single day – get stressed out, drink coffee, eat sugar, stress some more, sleep little – can cause us to have a deficiency in magnesium.

When we are stressed, our body gets rid of magnesium. This dates back to evolution.

We didn't want our body chilled out in moments where we needed to be in flight or fight due to a threat, so it gets rid of this chill-out, relaxing, sleep-aiding mineral.

Magnesium deficiency increases both the contractility of smooth muscle and the level of prostaglandins, which are the inflammatory compounds that drive period pain. In English, this is basically a recipe for killer cramps. 

Rather than recommending just the common pain reliever, many doctors are now starting to recommend this vital mineral to help with the symptoms associated with PMS symptoms & painful periods as a preventative measure. Something holistic health practitioners & naturopaths have been doing for a long time.

Unlike pain relievers, which take effect almost immediately, but only treat the symptoms, magnesium needs to be soaked up by the body over time.

“Consistent intake lets the body get the most use out of [the magnesium], and it takes some time to reach that point—maybe days or weeks.”

Now we are not saying don't take a pain reliever that will help your current symptoms. Adding magnesium is going to help the root of the problem which takes time so a combination can work well especially when starting to incorporate natural options.

So is magnesium the missing link for those struggling with PMS, premenstrual migraines, irritability, low mood, and cramps, body aches and sore muscles?

The science so far seems to think so.

So, if you are an everyday woman that works, runs a home, has a family, worries about finances and isn't sleeping too well, its time to give your body a good boost of magnesium.

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